Again, thank you for the patience and understanding over the last few months whilst formalities continue with the business closure on August 11th 2017.

Please note that RAL Homes has ceased new planning and production from this date.

Update - I recently received an email from the CEO of the company leasing the RAL facility and they confirm their intention to exercise their option to purchase by August 2018 including the existing RAL 2 Retreat (green) and carport.

So at this stage the RAL 3 Elevated (blue) and the RAL 2 Special (red) displays would be only available for purchase and removal. This would need to be confirmed as formalities are not complete. The RAL 2 Special and Elevated RAL 3 homes are planned to be onsold in 2018 at this stage.

Prices for these displays are negotiable, please bear in mind that just the structure replacement costs are well over $100000 each. Disassemble/removal would be purchasers responsibility.

(Note: local disassembly cost without floor, salvaging most insulation, colorbond, hardware etc is estimated under $10000 each. Although RAL Homes contractors could carry out this process with due diligence and care, some residual surface damage during disassembly and storage could be present prior to delivery)

Download Specs

I have also listed the RAL Building System (Jigs, patterns and tables, tooling, computers, marketing and intellectual rights etc) for sale online as well, maybe there is someone who thinks outside a square and would continue the RAL legacy!
Please Click here for details.
Update, legal process to transfer the system to a new party is underway. Watch this space!

If interested please email with your contact details and I will be in touch to discuss. Thank you.

Brett Loeliger (Director)
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Additionally, there are the following RAL items for sale in good condition as is and pick up in Ararat, Victoria.

One new complete RAL Kitchen self contained module - $9900 (below cost) - Click here RAL Kitchen
(plumbing/wiring complete just ready for connection, lighting can be connected on module, approx 3.0m x 2.5m)

One new complete Bathroom/Laundry/WC self contained module - $12900 (below cost) - Click here RAL Bath/Ldy/WC
(plumbing/wiring complete just ready for connection, lighting can be connected on module, approx 3.0m x 2.5m)
Please email with contact details or call Ph 0402408759 if interested and I will be in contact.
Thank you. Brett Loeliger (Director)
Click here for Photos & YouTube video of RAL 2 Special and Elevated RAL 3